Rates and Insurance 

There are several options available when it comes to paying for services and accessing care. Below you will find information and options for scheduling with me.

Insurance Accepted


  • Out of Network Benefits

Out of Network Options 

If I don't take your insurance but you want to still work with me there are ways to make that happen. Most insurance plans have what is called Out of Network benefits (OON). It depends on the type of insurance you have (typically PPO plans have this option available). What this means is that you would pay me directly and I would provide you with an invoice after each session. This invoice is then sent to your insurance company who reimburses you a percentage. The percentages are often very high (i.e.- 80%). 

I am happy to explain this process and help in anyway I can. This option allows you to have full choice in who your therapist is while also using your insurance to help pay for the cost of therapy.  If you want to find out more please contact me directly for more information. 

Private Pay 

I also see clients who chose to pay out of pocket for services. Sometimes this is because you may not have health insurance benefits. Other times it may be because you want your personal health information to be completely private. When people chose to use their insurance benefit it means that they receive a diagnosis that allows for insurance companies to be aware of what concerns/issues are being treated. This diagnosis can have some healthcare based implications. The choice to pay out of pocket versus using your insurance benefits is a personal one. There are pro's and con's to each and I encourage each person seeking mental health treatment to consider both sides. 

Current rates (Private Pay) 

I believe in being transparent so I have my rates posted online. The rates listed are the most current. The following types of payment are accepted: Cash, Credit/Debit, Check & Flex Spending accounts


$140.00/ 60 minute session  

$185.00/ 90 minute session (EMDR only*)



If you are seeking counseling services and can’t afford my fees, I understand. I want you to be able to connect to care that you can afford. Click the below for local non-for profit counseling resources.