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There are many different things that can make us feel anxious. On some level, feeling anxious is important because it tells us that something is wrong or that there's danger up ahead. However, for some people, feelings of anxiety persist, even when there is no danger or nothing to actually be anxious about. Anxiety can be a very physical experience for a lot of people and can feel at times like a medical emergency. 

This is why understanding what is happening to your body when you experience anxiety is so important. I discuss and teach my patients what happens in your body so we can tailor the right coping skills for your brand of anxiety. 

Understanding what makes you anxious and why is an important first step. I use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy methods as well as meditation, visualization techniques, and, at times, a form of therapy called Eye Movement Desensitization Response (EMDR), a speciality treatment for anxiety disorders such as trauma.